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World Class Pro Reveals The Magicians Secrets Of...

By Nicholas George
The Worlds Most Famous 'Unknown' Booking Agent!

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"A Top Magician needs to do 121 Birthday Party Shows -
to get paid the same amount of Money,
that a Top Magician gets paid - for Working One Day -
in a Las Vegas Stage Show!...

I Know, Because I Book Them Both!"

Three Questions!
1) How long ago was it, that you performed a show - that paid you $7,200.00?
2) When was the last time you received a royalty check for a show that you performed 5 years ago?
3) How much would you pay, to find out how to get booked in to a $100,000.00, six-month all inclusive Cruise Ship contract - that pays all cash?

If you answered "NEVER" to any one of these questions, you need to read about Nick's treatise: 'GETTING BIGGER PAYING GIGS!'...

Who's This Nicholas George Anyways?
And why is he called the Worlds Most Famous 'Unknown' booking Agent?
Nick reveals what it is like working with the many many big name stars - AND MAKING THEM SUCCESSFULL, while he remains the 'marketing brains' in the background!

A Short Interview With 'Da Man' - Nicholas George
A short impromptu interview with Nicholas George by a Skeptic. Nick DOES reveal some of the methods he used while working with the many TOP Notch Magicians like Doug Henning, Harry Blackstone, Mandrake, and Danté.

Here Are Some Examples Of Big Dollar Performers
Some of these examples may make you SICK!
Rocks Stars, Actors, Variety Artists - If you actually know how much money these Big Name Acts Make - you may be sick to your stomach!

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Learn some of the methods and psychology that Nick used to get the many many big stars to the TOP!

Check List For Success!
Do You Match Up To Some Of the Requirements Necessary To Demand BIG MONEY?
How many booking agents do you know that will reveal exactly How They Book the Worlds ‘Top Stars’? - and How They GET THEM THE BIGGER AND BETTER PAYING SHOWS? Here are some of qualities that you MUST have in order to be a Highly Paid Entertainer!

How Do Magicians Fit In To The Picture?
Here Are The ONLY 2 Reasons Why Any Entertainers Are Booked!
Knowing this - you should seek out these types of shows! The others reasons seem 'small' beside these (remember the 124 birthday party rule!)

The FULL HOME STUDY PROGRAM Course Description?
Here It Is!
The Entire HOME STUDY PROGRAM for Magicians and any other Entertainers. Videos, CD's, Books, Audios Tapes, and Nicks Own Personal Manuscripts (including all the original FREE Bonuses), on How To Make It BIG TIME - In The Entertainers Billion Dollar Market Place. Accept No Imitation - The Original Program is HERE!

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Remember, Always Cause A Sensation!

The Entertainment Industry is a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY!!!
Aside from Governments, Entertainment is the largest cash grab in the world!!!


Go For It - Now! --> I will Show You How!

There are only two things you can say to yourself...
I'm glad I did it, or I wish I had!

Good luck with your new knowledge!
Nicholas George
The Worlds Most Famous
‘Unknown’ Booking Agent

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